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Saturday, December 15, 2012

GOD SAVED HIS CHILD, NOT MINE - An account of a virtually deceased father.

The Status update of facebook was composed in mind: “Simba’s Kiara Has Arrived, She will be officially known to the world as ‘Miara’, which means Wise. Join me to wish Miara A happy life”. It was to be updated as soon as the phone call comes. The name is something that remains throughout the life of a person. That’s why we decided to keep the right of naming Miara exclusively with us. The name Miara was accidently chosen. Instead of typing ‘Miura’, I typed ‘Miara’ in Google and found out the name. We named the foetal stage as Chhoti.

I was thinking of admitting Miara in St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, whenever she will be in the age of going to a boarding School, because what I feel is that good education is as important for a child a the first breast feed. I even planned to induct her in martial art, which generates tremendous amount of self confidence. I planned a ‘plant a tree and care for it until ur next birthday’ programme and some philanthropy works in her every birthday, so that she would learn to care the surrounding in which she would live. I really wanted to make her a real human being. These days the brain remained engaged in planning different stuffs related to her.

How was I so sure, that the baby is going to be a girl? God knows. From day 1, I told Munni that the baby will be a ‘She’. And I was planning for ‘her’. My eyes were full of dreams. Finally something BIG was gonna happen in life.

But the phone call never came… I thought they will surprise me once I reach hospital. Yes, a surprise was waiting me at the gate of hospital. The surprise that turned my world up side down… that shattered my dreams like a mirror… that completely fragmented me into atoms…

I was coming out of hospital with munni carrying bags, where I was supposed to carry ‘Miara’. A maruti omni van was waiting outside. Rather I would have preferred to lay peacefully in a corpse van.

While leaving from Chittaranjan, I prayed “God pls save the children, if there is a choice to make. First choice should be your child and then mine”. God listened to me. God saved his child not mine

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